Muslim International Film Festival 2024 Programme

The inaugural edition of the Muslim International Film Festival (MIFF) runs May 30th – June 2nd in London’s Leicester Square. 

Championing the narratives of international Muslim filmmakers and highlighting their compelling stories, MIFF is also a platform for productions inspired by Muslim culture and faith, embracing filmmakers of all backgrounds. At a time of polarised public opinion and a prevalence of negative portrayals of Muslims in the mainstream media, MIFF has arrived on the international film festival circuit with a mission to celebrate and amplify the diverse voices that explore the rich tapestry of Muslim experiences via the medium of film. This first edition showcases the breadth of Muslim storytelling with premieres of acclaimed new features set throughout the world including the UK, Iran, Jordan, Morocco, Turkey, Tunisia, and Sudan.

“We’re absolutely thrilled to bring this festival to London, where we’re on a mission to weave together cultures through the magic of cinema. MIFF is not just a festival; it’s a vibrant celebration of cultures and stories from across the Muslim world, providing a spotlight on talented emerging and seasoned filmmakers from all corners of the globe. As we bring together the film industry and filmmakers alike, our line-up features some of the most courageous and creative minds – each one bringing their A-game to the big screen. These are stories that pack a punch, that resonate deep within, and remind us that there’s more that unites us than divides us.”

Sajid Varda, Festival Director

Prayer facilities will be available onsite.

Opening Night Gala - Hounds / Les Meutes

30 May 18:30 | Odeon Luxe West End A kidnapping job goes awry for a father-son crime duo, leading to a chaotic night as they confront an unexpected challenge with no turning back.


Panel - BFI New Talent

31 May 17:00 | Odeon Luxe West End Want to find out more about the business of making films? Hear from industry experts at the BFI Filmmaking Fund and BFI Film Academy.


Goodbye Julia

31 May 18:20 | Odeon Luxe West End Set on the brink of the secession of South Sudan, Mona is a retired singer from the North wracked with guilt after causing the death of a Southern man and covering her tracks.

Hesitation Wound

Hesitation Wound

31 May 21:10 | Odeon Luxe West End Canan juggles her duties as a criminal defence attorney on a murder case and tending to her comatose mother in the hospital.


Networking - BBC Writers

1 June 9:30 | Odeon Luxe West End BBC Writers look forward to welcoming festival attendees to a networking event.


Panel - Meet the Funders

1 June 10:00 | Odeon Luxe West End Curious about navigating the world of filmmaking, securing funding and sustaining your craft in today's industry?


Panel - Meet the Filmmakers

1 June 11:30 | Odeon Luxe West End This panel will include established and new filmmakers, including talent from the 2024 MIFF programme.


Empty Nets

1 June 13:10 | Odeon Luxe West End A cinematic portrayal of the tightly knit web of tradition, corruption and social hierarchy that continues to rule over the lives of a new generation in Iran.


A Reckoning Of Hearts - Shorts Programme

1 June 15:30 | Odeon Luxe West End A Reckoning Of Hearts unearths the heartfelt portrayals of interpersonal relationships confronting challenging circumstances.

Sky Peals

Sky Peals

1 June 18:20 | Odeon Luxe West End Feeling detached from the world around him, service station worker Adam receives devastating news about his estranged father, while uncovering mysteries of who that man really was.

Behind the Mountains

Behind the Mountains

1 June 21:00 | Odeon Luxe West End After serving a four-year sentence for vandalising his workplace, Rafik has one singular plan, to take his son to the mountains and reveal his remarkable discovery.


Panel - Breaking Barriers

2 June 10:00 | Odeon Luxe West End Industry experts join us to discuss how we can work together to challenge barriers faced by newcomers to the film industry.


Echoes Of Resistance - Shorts Programme

2 June 12:10 | Odeon Luxe West End Echoes of Resistance offers a glimpse into the enduring resilience of communities facing oppression and upheaval, where the search for home and fight for justice converge in powerful ways.

Inshallah A Boy

Inshallah A Boy

2 June 14:45 | Odeon Luxe West End In a fight against Jordanian patriarchal laws, a widow pretends to be pregnant with a boy so she can save her daughter and home from her brother-in-law seeking to claim his due inheritance rights.

In Camera

Closing Night Gala - In Camera

2 June 17:30 | Odeon Luxe West End After a series of catastrophic auditions, young actor Aden takes the lead in finding a new character to play.