Aaqil Ahmed

Former Head of Commissioning

Aaqil is the former Head of Religion and Ethics at both the BBC and Channel 4. At the BBC his role included commissioning religious TV, running in house TV and radio production in Salford and Belfast as well as being the Head of Religion internally and externally.

At Channel 4, he was also the Head of Multicultural Programming. Winning numerous awards from BAFTA, Emmy to Royal Television Society awards, as well as nominations including Grierson and Oscar.

Aaqil has worked on many award-winning documentaries and programmes over the past 27 years, delivering many ground-breaking projects such as The Life of Muhammad, The Qur’an and The Hajj.

He faced an incredible backlash by the Daily Mail when he became the BBC’s Head of Religion in 2009 but in spite of the media onslaught, he went on to produce some memorable programming. Bringing the much-needed public attention to the Middle East Crisis and finally being honoured for his efforts in 2009 by the Daily Telegraph who listed him as a ‘Great Briton’.

Aaqil worked hard to push the door of diversity open and with the help of many other unsung heroes from our community have kept it open for the current generation who are now enjoying a great level of success.